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Online Merchant Account

Accept credit cards online today!

The following resources are available to assist you in
obtaining a legitimate merchant account for your business.

There are literally thousands of merchant account providers
and sifting through so much information can be an overwhelming task.

We hope the following information will help minimize the time
it takes to find the right solution for your specific needs.

Why Accept Credit Cards Online?

Credibility Customer Convenience
  • People assume that only established firms accept credit cards.

  • They also know credit card purchases offer them protection from "scam artists," and falsely advertised products.

  • Start thinking about all your customer's needs and preferences, and you will start making more sales.

  • Credit card acceptance makes it easy for customers to buy...from you!!!

Increased Working Capital Stop Losing Sales
  • With credit cards you get your money in just a few days.

  • You're not extending credit to your customers, or waiting for out of state checks to clear.

  • Today's consumers have come to rely--and expect--credit card acceptance.

    "Shopping around" is a way of life! You spend a lot of money getting customers familiar with your company, products and services. Why loose sales to competition just because you weren't set up to accept credit cards?

Your Merchant Account...

Authorize.Net enables your online store to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • No complicated hardware or software to setup.
  • No hardware or software to purchase (it's all online).
  • Authorize, settle and manage credit cards 24/7.
  • This solution works with all ActiveWebHost.com ecommerce shopping carts.

What's Included?

Virtual Terminal

Authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions manually from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser.


Automate credit card transactions directly from your Web site, without complex hardware or software systems.

Add an electronic check payment option to your ecommerce solution if you want the ability to charge your customer's checking account for transactions in a paperless fashion.

I Need a Merchant Account I Already Have a Merchant Account

Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Setting up a business who needs both a Merchant Account and an online Payment Gateway is just as simple as the "gateway only" process.  All you need to do is complete the "Merchant Account Set-up Form."  This application has detailed instructions and will get sent directly to Authorize.net where they will work to guide you through the set-up process.

Setup/Enrollment Fee:  $149.00 Free!
Monthly Service/Statement Fee:  $9.95
Discount Rate (V, MC):  2.39%
Monthly Processing Minimum Fee*:  $25.00

You'll be able to charge credit cards online using Weblink as well as over the counter by using the Virtual Terminal.

*Monthly Processing Minimum Fee: There is a $25.00 Monthly Processing Minimum Fee for every merchant account. This is the minimum amount you must pay each month for your Visa/MasterCard processing. However, this fee is only billed when it is not exceeded by your monthly transaction fees. Example: If your rate is 2.39% and you sell $1200 in goods or services during one month, your total Visa/MasterCard processing fees would be $28.68 ($1200 x 2.39% = $28.68). This amount is greater than the $25.00 Monthly Processing Minimum Fee, so you would not be billed the minimum fee for the month.

Payment Gateway Only

Setting up a business who already has a merchant account is easy.  All you need to do is complete the "Gateway Set-up Form."  Following the detailed instructions on the form, you will be able to complete the application and send it directly to Authorize.net.  Authorize.net will then work directly with you to make sure that your account is set up as quickly as possible.

Setup/Enrollment Fee:  $149.00
Monthly Gateway Fee:  $20.00
Per Transaction Fee:  $0.10

Already Have a Merchant Account?
Read How to Avoid being Fined $25,000 a month!

Other Options...

Additional Merchant Account Providers
Every business has different needs, here are a few more places you may wish
to review to enable your website to accept credit cards...

NOCHEX  |  MoneyBookers  |  PaySystems  |  WorldPay

IMPORTANT:  Before making a merchant account selection,
make sure the shopping cart solution that you wish to use integrates
with the merchant account that you wish to use..

Accept Checks...Online!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Processing
You might also consider EFT.  What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

EFT is the process of deducting, from a checking account, the amount that
is owed to you, by someone that has purchased your products or services.

Why accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

Several Advantages for your clients include...
  • Saves Time associated with writing monthly checks
  • Save Cost of writing checks each month
  • Saves Postage
  • Prevents lost or stolen checks
  • Assures timely payment
  • All they need is a checking account!

If you accept EFT as a form of payment, make sure to let your clients know it's advantages!

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